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Government Name: Brandon M. Turpeau

How did you come up with your stage name? I felt like [the acronym] “Bombay” best described me as an artist: Beats Of Mass Bliss Amplifying Youth

Birthday & Zodiac Sign: April 6/ Aries

Hometown/ Birthplace? Pasadena, CA / Whittier, CA

What event/person inspired you to become an artist? The entire hip-hop movement inspired me to become one of the greatest producers, and my all around love for music.

Who are your musical influences? Live instruments, jazz, keys…

What are your talents? What are the titles you appoint yourself as an artist? Producer, M.C, Songwriter, Engineer, “Master Key Crusher”.

Why do you (rap, sing, produce, etc.)? For the love of doing and creating music. I love the feedback I get from a crowd that’s feelin my shit.

Briefly describe your lyrical/writing style? It’s a pattern unmatched by anyone; I will be one of the greatest (COMING SOON).

What makes you stand out as an artist and how to you think it will affect the music industry? My sound is before its time, I keep my music new and fresh for the people; the industry needs a sound like mine.

Who/ what inspires you to be the person that you are today or aspire to be? My family, and “the man upstairs.”

What three artists do you feel influenced the growth of hip-hop? 2pac, Nas, J. Dilla

Who do you listen to the most and do you feel as though they effect your creativity? Roc Marciano, Black Milk, Madlib, DJ Quik, E-40. I bring me to the music.

How do you measure success in the music industry today? Man, just give me a sold out tour, it ain’t about the flashy jewelry and cars, man.

What do you plan on accomplishing for yourself as an artist? Longevity through out my whole career in the industry, and to know I was one of the greatest.

If you do accomplish these goals, what will be your next step as an artist? I would like to help upcoming artists become what they want to be… if their shit is hot.

Who do you want to work with in the music industry? Roc Marciano, Black Milk, Madlib, DJ Quik, E-40

What is your opinion on the current climate of hip-hop music? I think a lot of music today is watered down and horrible, no emotion, no guts.

What other aspirations do you have (in or outside of the music industry)? I want to eventually become a record label owner; and just an all around good dude.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? I want to complete a worldwide sold out tour.



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