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Government Name: Akinwole-Jabari Moore

How did you come up with your stage name? My stage name came about in Jr. High. I just made it up (laughing) It was J-Biz at the time. Then I found out there was a DJ by the same name; so I added “Bizness” a few years ago in an attempt to avoid confusion.

Birthday & Zodiac Sign: Aries / April 13

Hometown/ Birthplace: Born in Los Angeles, raised in Ontario, CA

What event/person inspired you to become an artist? I actually started off rapping & writing lyrics in Jr. High. A friend of mine had an older brother who made beats. I became intrigued with the equipment and the process. I’ve always been a tech nerd.

Who are your musical influences? As far as lyrics: Ahmad, Ras Kass, and Eminem. As far as beats: DJ Premier, Jay Dee, DJ Battlecat, and DJ Quik.

What are your talents and what are the titles you appoint yourself as an artist? I appoint myself as producer/beat-smith and maybe recording engineer at times. I would personally say that I have a good ear for putting together or arranging good songs as a whole.

Why do you (rap, sing, produce, etc.)? I make beats because I love to and the process is exciting to me.

Briefly describe your lyrical/writing style: When I write, my writing style is straightforward. Down to earth… Never fantasized… Well versed yet easy to comprehend.

What makes you stand out as an artist and how to you think it will affect the music industry? I stand out as an artist because I feel as if I embody the region that I come from. Many artists aren’t doing that in the current day. You can be from an entirely different region and get a sense of my surroundings or vernacular by listening to my music. ALSO: I do what comes to heart as opposed to doing the type of music that’s considered popular.

Who/ what inspires you to be the person that you are today or aspire to be? There are many people that inspire me to progress. I have a lot of peers who are either making moves similar to what I’m doing or making moves steps ahead of where I am. It’s a blessing and a lesson to see people progress in first person. I either take note or get ideas on what moves to make next or I learn from the mistakes made by my peers so that I have more of an idea of what not to do.

What three artists do you feel influenced the growth of hip-hop? Interesting question… Many artists have changed the way that the public perceives Hip-Hop music, but not all of those artists brought forth positive change. I’d say that one of the most positive forces in Hip-Hop as been Kanye West. He seems to release the type of music that he wants to and it’s ALWAYS rooted in classic Hip-Hop manner. Regardless of how flashy or obnoxious he appears to be in the media, Kanye West stays rooted in break beat drums, chopped samples, and intricate lyricism. I can’t think of any positive influences beside Kanye right now.

Who do you listen to the most and do you feel as though they affect your creativity? Honestly, I listen to a lot of my own stuff or music from my closest peers. Anything that stands out is motivation to make the next dope beat or memorable song. I don’t listen to the radio. I get most outside music from the Internet. Something new comes out once in a while that catches my attention.

How do you measure success in the music industry today? From the outside looking in, I feel that success in the music biz is measured by the amount of work on your plate and the amount of mentions that you get whether that be artist any press, interviews, record appearances, and the amount of public performances an artist gets. Being busy is usually synonymous with getting consistent money.

What do you plan on accomplishing for yourself as an artist? I want to establish a successful production company and I want to be able to propel other artists into the forefront of whatever music genre. I want my production to establish a distinct sound and I want my body of work and work ethic to influence anyone who looks up to me so that they can strive to be better at what they do. Influence goes hand in hand with power and respect.

If you do accomplish these goals, what will be your next step as an artist? God willing, I just want to continue making music with substance. I also want to influence others to make like-minded music; not just this mindless music that you hear in the clubs or on the radio. I’d like to be known as an artist that creates and promotes music of substance.

Who do you want to work with in the music industry? More than anything, I’d love to work with my major influences. I’ve had the pleasure of working with one of them (Ras Kass). Aside from them, I’d work with anyone talented that was willing to work with me.

What is your opinion on the current climate of hip-hop music? The current state of mainstream Hip-Hop music is trash. There’s nothing memorable or substantial about most if it. In fact, current day Hip-Hop in the mainstream is VERY destructive.

What other aspirations do you have (in or outside of the music industry)? I just want to experience more of the world. I want to be the best person that I can be for my son and myself.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? My only wish would be to have one last face to face conversation with my biological father and he’s already on the other side of life.



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