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Government Name: Richard Desmond Nicholson Wright. Desmond Nicholson is my pre adoption name… The original Richard Wright. LOL

How did you come up with your stage name? Well to be honest I can’t take full credit LOL. My mom helped me with it.

Birthday & Zodiac sign: December 23rd/Capricorn the greatest sign in the world. No disrespect to the other signs. And, for some reason I do know a lot of Leo’s… I don’t now what that’s about.

Hometown/ Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA. South Central to be exact. I grew up on the Florence & Normandie side of life.

What event/person inspired you to become an artist? I think the death of my mother inspired me to become an artist. I was in desperate need of some type of release. A lot of my peers resorted to causing chaos, I chose to make music, and express everything I was feeling with words.

Who are your musical influences? Too many to name, but just for someone’s curiosity, I’ll name a couple. Coldplay, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, John Lennon, Kanye West, The Neptunes/N.E.R.D, Slick Rick, Nirvana, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

What are your talents and what are the titles you appoint yourself as an artist? Before I ever attempted to rap all I ever did was draw. It’s still and always will be one of my “low- key” talents and “high-key” loves. I also have a strange talent for remembering information that’s not important to life. Like… Did you know that there are pink dolphins in the Amazon river? LOL.

Why do you (rap, sing, produce, etc.)? I do it because I love it, plain and simple. But I would also love to make a great change in the world with my music.

Briefly describe your lyrical/writing style? Quoting Bruce Lee, ” I try to be like water,” I become part of the beat. Just like water takes the form of a cup or a bowl. My flow takes the form of a rhythmic pattern or an awkward drum section. Deep…. I know. R.I.P Bruce

What makes you stand out as an artist and how do you think it will affect the music industry? I stand out as an artist because I stand out as a regular person. A person who’s willing to try new things, I’m an adventurer. Industry-wise, I’ll affect things in a very positive way. Hip-Hop fans and mainstream fans feel very disconnected at times. I have a positive mindset and grasp on both sides. I can make money and remain the Common Man’s hero.

Who/ what inspires you to be the person that you are today or aspire to be? First and foremost, my mother, the woman who adopted me: Claudell Wright R.I.P. Then, I would have to say my friends and family who enjoy what I make. That’s still the best feeling, when people around you like your music. But, really that genuine feeling I get when anybody tells me they understood or felt exactly what I was going through on a song mostly inspires me. Dope.

What three artists do you feel influenced the growth of hip-hop? I’ll skip this one. There are too many people to really just choose three.

Who do you listen to the most and do you feel as though they affect your creativity? Well… I never listened to just one or two people too much. It used to be all Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Coldplay. Kanye, and Nirvana. So I’m heavily influenced by a lot of dope people. Lately I’ve been on this dope harp player/singer from California named Joanna Newsom.

How do you measure success in the music industry today? By cult fan base LOL. The people who are really doing it at this moment in time have found marketing schemes to build a fan base that’s like a small religious army. Anybody with those kinds of fans right now is at the peak (example: Drake, Wiz Khalifa)

What do you plan on accomplishing for yourself as an artist? I’m trying to put myself in the position to help the world, as cheesy as it sounds. I want to do things that actually affect people’s lives in a positive way. On a more personal note: I want to perform in front of a stadium status crowd. 100,000 people: that’s my dream.

If you do accomplish these goals, what will be your next step as an artist? Who knows? I’ll tell you when we get there, and take it from there.

Who do you want to work with in the music industry? Damn… Once again, too many to name. But right off bat: The Neptunes, Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Coldplay and the list goes on, and on, and on….. Oh, and The Foreign Exchange.

What is your opinion on the current climate of hip-hop music? I think hip-hop is cool right now. Honestly I feel like people are always wanting and needing to worry about hip- hop as if its in a state of emergency, but its not. People complain because they say hip- hop is not on the radio enough, but when it is on the radio it becomes corny to people all of a sudden. Whatever the case, in my opinion hip-hop is great right now and it can only get better.

What other aspirations do you have (in or outside of the music industry)? I would love to write films, and comic books. Get ready you might see a suspense/thriller flick from me in a couple years LOL.

What is one thing you want to do before you die? Be recognized for the person, man, black man, and artist I really am. Peace



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