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A perfect match of oriental life wisdom and Nordic perfectionism.

The recipes are made with the utmost respect for nature and created to cater for the needs and tastes of dog and cat. 

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Brand Strength

The biggest pet food manufacturer in China.

Factory locates in Jinshan.

Covering China's Distribution System: 28 Major Sales Divisions, More than 60 Offices, More than 20,000 Retailers.

Four Distribution Channels: Pet Shop, Pet Clinic, On-line Retailer, Breeder.

Diversified marketing support.

High product value, high VM standard and professional printing materials for communication.

Products Launch Press Conference in 2018

Products Launch Press Conference in 2018

Product Feature

3 Product Lines:-太阳城集团网址 Dry & Wet Pet Food, Prescription Pet Food.

7 Series: Grain Free, Fine, Fresh, Herbal, Balance, 

Veterinary Exclusive, Bridge Joy.-1381.con

Near 200 SKUs with diverse nutrient recipes. -太阳城2528娱乐-太阳集团太阳集团娱乐

<br>No Added Controversial or Harmful Additives

No Added Controversial or Harmful Additives

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Crossover Design

Crossover Design

Pet Fair Asia

Pet Fair Asia