Kitchen Flavor

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No matter you want the meal is pure, delicious or nutritional conditioning, there is always one for your pet in Kitchen Flavor’s natural recipes. 

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Brand Strength

One of the main brands under Bridge PetCare.

Factory locates in Shandong.

Covering China's Distribution System: 28 Major Sales Divisions, More than 60 Offices, More than 20,000 Retailers.

Five Distribution Channels: Pet Shop, Pet Clinic, On-line Retailer, Breeder, Modern Trade.

Diversified marketing support.

High product value, high VM standard and professional printing materials for communication.


High-Coverage Rate in Modern Trade

Product Feature

Several brands cover diverse price levels: Kitchen Flavor, Nory, Taste, eple etc.

Complete product line: Dry food, wet food, snack, dietary supplement, household items.

Build different pet food with vivid taste, create high end pet life.

Owned 300+ SKUs now.

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